VISIJAX Hooded ‘HIGHLIGHT’ LED Illuminated Outdoor / Cycling Safety Jacket


Be safe. Be seen.

Wearable tech unisex outdoor jacket with 11 high intensity LEDs. 100% waterproof, breathable, and machine-washable, with a 20 hour USB-rechargeable battery (removable). With the lights off it looks like a normal high quality and stylish outdoor jacket. Now available at an unheard of price – only from NOMA.

Read full specifications below.


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Quite probably the World’s Safest Cycling Jacket, this might be the one cycling accessory that could save your life.

IDEAL FOR: Cyclists, Novices, Regular Commuters, Those who value road cycling safety. Equestrian. Horse-Riding on the roads. General outdoor / countryside activities.
TIPS: Makes a great gift for a friend of family.



Although it’s not the law, there’s a well established correlation between lights and cyclist road safety. While it’s fairly well known that more lights are safer than one, what’s not so well known is that lights higher up a cyclist’s body are more effective for safety than lower down on the bike. While it’s increasingly more common to see head mounted lights, it still is only a single light, and many cyclists don’t like the way it looks.

Moreover, a high percentage of accidents occur when a cyclist is changing direction. Sticking an arm to indicate this was perhaps sufficient in the 1950s, but in the modern era, it’s far from ideal. If you value your personal safety, you can’t do better than the Visijax Commuter Active-LED Cycling Jacket.


The VISIJAX ‘Commuter’ jacket jacket has over 23 23 high-intensity waterproof machine-washable LED lights built into the jacket itself. White at the front chest, Red at the back tail, and amber indicators on the front & back arms! Yes, really!

These not only make for unparalleled visibility on the road, but the touch-free motion-activated indicators (triggered automatically when you raise an arm to signal a turn), which provides a clear signal to motorists of your intentions, but also users report that the motorists are far more inclined to give way to the cyclists. This may be explained by the subconscious triggers in the mind of the motorist, as they only ever otherwise see bright flashing indicators on a motorised vehicle, and they respond instinctively in a manner than is different with normal cyclists.

Cyclists also report a vast greater feeling of security with the jackets, than with the non-illuminated variety. Basically, you’ll never feel invisible on the roads again. See full specs below.


Visijax CES Award FinalVisijax believe in going above and beyond the bare essentials of road safety. They’ve developed the most visible cycling jacket on the road with patented award-winning technology. This jacket was the technology finalist at the prestigious global CES Awards in Las Vegas, and has been reviewed all around the world (see our videos above)



All 23 LEDs are 100% waterproof and machine washable. The torso LEDs have a fast or slow strobe as well as a constant on or off function, which you can select on the fly very easily by a concealed button on the jacket itself.



This is the real masterstroke of genius. Simply raise your arm to indicate as you would normally and the built in amber LEDs (3 front, 3 back on each upper arm) flash to display your intentions to the traffic around you. The indicators switch off automatically after ten seconds, allowing you to safely complete your turn with both hands on the handlebars, the entire process is controlled by your natural body movement.



All the electronics are 100% waterproof, machine-washable, and powered by a single USB-rechargeable battery good for up to 20 hours continuous use. The battery is easily removed for charging. No fuss, no messy cables: just charge it up and get riding!


Commuter-Jacket-Yellow - waterproof Dupont-Teflon

Just as significantly is the quality of the actual garment. A highly breathable and lightweight 100% waterproof Teflon-coated fabric with taped seams, all the electronics are also waterproof and 100% machine-washable. This is essentially a very high quality cycling jacket on electronic steroids!

NOTE: Limited Stock & Limited Time Offer

FabricWaterproof and Breathable
The Commuter jacket is so much more than flashing lights; it’s designed to allow you to ride comfortably in rain or shine. The waterproof exterior fabric has a rating of 10 000mm to make even the heaviest of downpours feel like a passing shower. It’s even Teflon coated, so that the mud slides right off. And no need to worry about arriving in a sweat at your destination either: the Commuter jacket has air vents and a breathability rating of 5000g, ideal for all levels of outdoors activity
CutGenerous-cut sizing
ConstructionInner mesh lining with Taped seams and a Fleece collar
FasteningFull-length front-zip with adjustable toggle tighteners
PocketsZipped front pockets, Zipped tail pouch and an Internal phone pocket
ReflectivityReflective Velcro cuffs, Reflective front zip and Reflective safety strips

Integrated High Intensity LED Lights
What do Visijax mean by integrated LEDs? All 23 of their high intensity LEDs are embedded into the fabric of the cycling jacket in strips, meaning no wires to get tangled in. The Commuter jacket features five red LEDs on the tail, allowing you to be seen from 400 metres away in a variety of light levels, as well as six white LEDs on the front. The remaining twelve make up our unique amber indicators for confident cycling
VentilationStudded and flap air vents
Extra FeaturesICEid Tag to assist in an emergency
Save precious minutes for you and your family in emergencies by making your next-of-kin contact details and medical information easily and quickly available to first responders. The ICEid “In Case of Emergency” tags contain a link to your secure and private emergency contact details and medical information, which can be accessed by a first responder within seconds of you or a family member having an accident
BatteryRechargeable USB Battery
So how does it all work then? Your Commuter jacket is powered by a lithium-ion battery which will keep you safe and seen for 20 hours of continuous use. The battery is rechargeable from any USB slot (charging cable supplied) and easily clips and unclips from a pocket on the inside of the jacket. Choose from three LED settings: slow flash, quick flash and constant, as well as a fourth rapid flicker indicating low battery

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 36 × 26 × 8 cm