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I’ve got 5 of these shirts now


Well I don’t do this often but when credit is due it should be heard. I bought a NOMA shirt a few months ago coz I was recommended it by another salesman mate of mine who’s on the road almost as much as I am. I thought whatever, but he kept on going on about it so to shut him up I went and bought one. Since then I now have a total of 5 of these shirts which I wear daily for work, and here’s why.

It keeps my wife from moaning to me. How? because I don’t come home with coffee stains down the front of my shirt from when driving. no matter how careful I am always a small drop spills right in the bit where the tie can’t cover it up. Coffee. Curry. Food. All stains which are difficult to remove in the wash can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth on this product. So as Asians say happy wife is a happy life. And I never get stressed about spills when driving, or arriving at a meeting with stains on my shirt.

It’s great. So much so I remember I once went in the office for a meeting and in the break I showed my colleagues the shirt. I got my coffee cup and poured the contents down my sleeve. Got a damp cloth and wiped off the excess. It truly works. They all have this shirt now in their daily wear. Basically this shirt does not stain with everyday stuff that ruins most shirts. I have sensitive skin and have no problems with the material.
It’s priced right and I hardly have to iron it. Just try it and see for yourselves.

Muslim Halai
Double Glazing Field Sales Representative
September 16, 2019